Viper 2

The best choice for the cross-country pilots

Medium level

For cross country

Individual size

Custom made

Very comfortable

Suitable for you

Five stars

The perfect choice


In addition to the NEW features listed below, the Viper 2 preserves the current advantages of the Viper harness:

simple and reliable design

easy in-flight pitch adjustment via "butt activated" mechanism

replaceable outer cover-allowing you to "rejuvenate" your harness after it has years of wear

easy take-off and landing characteristics

custom fitting

very comfortable in flight

NEW features in Viper 2

lighter design — depending on the size of the new harness can be 1-2 kg lighter than the previous one

higher comfort level for the pilot is ensured by the addition of a new and improved cloth inside the harness

overall reduction in aerodinamic drag

tail part of the harness is more aerodinamically perfect

user removable and adjustable tail filling allows the pilot to get an ideally streamlined shape for their body

Technical data

Harness weight — ??? kg


DHV, Germany





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If you are not a CIS-resident, we highly recommend you to contact our distributor nearest to you. In most cases they can offer you more favourable terms, provide for quicker service and technical support.

To fill in order form, right-click on the respective link, save order form file on your hard drive, then print it, fill it in and send to us.

Attention: wing images on the order forms are not exact drawings. It's rather drafts to understand general idea of how to colorize a sail.


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