Stream has been designed on Stranger basis.

The main purpose of creating a new wing was increase of maximum launch weight up to 450 kg, preserving at the same time Stranger's flight performance.

Medium level

For all pilots

Good controls

Precise and responsive

Excellent choice

Wing for fun

Very popular

The choise pilots


Stream wing has as wide speed range, as the Stranger, note that the former's minimum speed is a bit lower (50 km/h for a single-seater variant). Controllability of this wing satisfies needs of an "average" pilot. It is not as control sensitive, as the Stranger, but predictable at any speed and forgives abrupt pitch control. Roll efforts are normal and allow easy changing of bank angle from 45° to 45°. Launch is without any peculiarities — after the take-off, while the wing has not acquired trimming speed, there is some slight reverse effort on the control bar, which can be balanced, if necessary. After the take-off the wing is trimmed at cruising speed 80-85 km/h. Pitch effort at all speed range (from 50 to 110 km/h) have right gradient.

Stall is smooth and extended in time — first the wing "parachutes" flat, then the nose pitches downward and the wing starts acquiring speed. Reverse effort on the control bar is minor. There is no tendency to asymmetric stall. The wing is easy-controllable at coordinated control (pitch-roll). It is stable at turns neither sliding nor accelerating and easily keeps on course at turbulent flights. Stream is an ideal wing for cross country flights, the pilot does not tire even in bumpiness. Landing approach resembles that of an aircraft. Descending, Stream willingly picks up speed and can land from the ground effect mode. If desired, you can land Stream virtually from the parachuting mode, but vertical speed at touchdown will be higher. At landing the wing is stable and keeps well on course.

Due to its lifting capacity and stability in air Stream is perfect for cross country flights, patrolling, aerophotography, for fulfilling many application tasks, including use in agriculture. The wing is suitable for flight training, as it forgives many pilot's mistakes and does not play tricks. In its training variant the wing can be furnished with control frame extension for the instructor.

Technical data


Wing area, sq. m


Wing span, m


Aspect ratio


Nose angle, °


Max. speed, km/h


Min. speed, km/h (with max. load)


Cruising speed, km/h


Operational acceleration range, G


Max. launch weight, kg


Wing weight (without covers), kg





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