Inspired by creative ideas of Flylight, Aeros has developed and added the new strut-braced wing NINE to its line of wings in the nano segment.

At 9 sqm the NINE wing is designed for cross country enthusiasts, extending the range of acceptable weather conditions for flying.

Min sail area

Only 9 sqm

Fast speed

Up to 140 km/h

Fast assembly

Until 10 minutes

Most popular

Best seller 2023


The NINE wing has a well balanced stability and handling characteristics, but its main feature is the overall feeling of safety during all aspects of flight.

The speed range of up to 140 km/h with a cruising speed of 85-100 km/h allows you to fly cross-country almost like a heavy two seater trike. Take off and landing speeds remain the same as the Fox-13TL.

The NINE wing is compatible with all trikes that can be used with the Fox-13T, Fox-13TL and Adam-13T wings.

Same as the Fox-13TL, it can be disassembled on a trike for storage.

Assembly remains straight forward and can be done in 8-10 min.

Technical data



Sail area, sq.m. (sq.ft.)

9 (97)

Wing span, m (ft)

8.0 (26.25)

Aspect ratio


Nose angle, °


Weight, (without bags), kg (lb)

35 (77)

Number of upper sail battens


Number of bottom sail battens


Breakdown length, m (ft)

4.5 (13.1)

Min. airspeed*, km/h (mph)

42 (26)

Max. airspeed*, km/h (mph)

140+ (87+)

Cruise speed, km/h (mph)

85-100 (53-62)

Double surface, %


Tested load (in process)


Max take off weight, kg (lb)

250 (551)

* Airspeed measured with the Aeros' ANT nano-trike


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If you are not a CIS-resident, we highly recommend you to contact our distributor nearest to you. In most cases they can offer you more favourable terms, provide for quicker service and technical support.

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Attention: wing images on the order forms are not exact drawings. It's rather drafts to understand general idea of how to colorize a sail.