Myth 3

Myth-3 has a better ratio of aerodynamic perfection to price than any other sport class harness.

Medium level

For cross country

Individual size

Custom made


For long flight


Durable materials


Nothing lives longer than a myth!

We are glad to present an upgraded version of the popular Myth hang gliding harness. Thanks to updated external and internal design, the harness has become more streamlined and comfortable.

Elaborated pedal balance system allows the pilot to take optimal flight position at any speed, which results in minimal air drag with maximal comfort.

A new pocket block is placed in aerodynamic shadow created by the pilot's hand. The block shape as well as arrangement of pockets are optimized for easy access in cross-country flights. Several harness adjustment points allow to fit it perfectly for any pilot's figure and provide comfort in long flights.

Technical data

Weight (bag included) — 8±0,3 kg


DHV, Germany



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If you are not a CIS-resident, we highly recommend you to contact our distributor nearest to you. In most cases they can offer you more favourable terms, provide for quicker service and technical support.

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Attention: wing images on the order forms are not exact drawings. It's rather drafts to understand general idea of how to colorize a sail.


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