Safety bulletin N9 from 11/04/2011
To all Aeros' harness owners

We are addressing this message to Aeros' distributors and dealers, owners of Aeros' harness regardless of what type of harness they fly. There was an accident in†Germany†on July 2009 with a pilot flying Aeros Viper harness with separated leg loops. Due to the pilotís report the leg loops on the harness where positioned too low which enabled him sliding in the harness down that much, that he was not able to get his feet inside the harness, went into lockout and crashed. There was no proper harness hang check done by the pilot prior the flight. To avoid further speculations about this fact we would like to inform you as follows:

  • We have decided to stop the production of the Viper harnesses with separated leg loops to prevent the possible ambiguity in future, as separated leg loops may create more possibility for the pilot to slide in the harness down when hanging in the upright position.
  • We strongly recommend to all pilots regardless of what type of harness they fly to provide a careful hang check in the upright position when they make a first flight in a new to them harness to be able to except all possibilities of sliding in the harness down during take off or landing.

If you have concerns about your flying equipment, feel free to ask your local dealer or an Aeros distributor for advice for more professional assessment.

Also, you may email us or our distributors and ask to rebuild or to replace your flying equipment, if necessary.

Wishing you safe and enjoyable flights

Aeros team