Safety bulletin N7 from 19/05/2009

Dear pilots. Safety is everyone’s business. We at Aeros factory recommend you to conduct annual check up of your flying equipment. Besides the routine check please check the following items.

1. Slide the neoprene cover from the shackle of the sweep wire forward as shown on the photo and check that the shackle of the sweep wire is bolted and safety nut is tighten. It is important to remember that in-flight disengagement of this attachment will cause a complete loss of structural support of the glider and total loss of control. Please, take a look at this unit once in a while, because it is very rear to see pilots checking it.

2. Open the central zipper of the undersurface. Check the sweep wire condition along its entire length, especially next to the nicopress sleeves  and make sure the sweep wire stays outside the velcroed pocket ( see the report at Aeros web-page from 2008-04-11 and photo below):

3. During flight operation of the glider, especially during the rough landings the sprogs have tendency to lower down. Check the sprogs height and make sure they are within the safe range as given in the glider Manual.

We wish you good flights and soft landings.
Aeros Ltd