Safety bulletin N4 from 04/05/2002
To all owners of the Viper & Viper 2 harnesses

Safety bulletin N4

Recently, a customer experienced a failure of the main hang strap failure on a Viper harness at the base where the main strap comes through the backplate slot. The backup system that is integrated into the harness did it's job and the pilot landed safely. We recommend all owners of the Viper & Viper 2 harnesses to inspect thoroughly the base of the main hang strap, especially the place where it comes through the carbon backplate slot. There should be no wear caused by the main hang strap contact to the edges of the carbon backplate. In case of wear or damage detection on the main strap please contact your local representative of Aeros for free strap replacement.

The main strap damage evidently occured because of the axle misalignment relative to the position of the slot on the plate. Most probably the above case was an isolated incident, nevertheless we advise all Viper pilots to inspect that place on the harness thorougly.

If indeed, strap wear is detected, in addition to the replacement of the main hang strap we recommend to increase the width of the slot in the plate, filing each side by 2 - 2.5 mm. The total width of the slot should increase from 25 to 29-30 mm.