Safety bulletin N 22 from 04/03/2016

After series of comprehensive tests in the g-force Trainer at DHV facilities we have become aware of possible potential problem on opening the rescue chute while using a Viper S harness which is rather tight on hips. The problem is arising when the harness is pressing on the chute and creating an extra force when the pilot is pulling the chute out of the container. The problem may occur in following cases:

  • the harness is too tight in a hip area. This may ALSO happen when using a harness in winter time wearing thick and worm cloth;
  • the rescue chute SIZE IS UNSUITABLY BIG;
  • the pilot is trying to deploy the chute by pulling the handle in wrong direction.
  • This problem may also occur when the rescue chute is just been newly repacked. The problem may disappear after several hours of flying time.

This notice concerns Viper S harnesses which are rather small in hips area for a given pilot. It may also concern not only harnesses produced by Aeros but by other harness manufacturers as well. To find out whether your harness is under the question we recommend deploying your rescue chute on the ground to see if it gets out easily.


On these three videos you can see that there may be only one direction of pulling the chute handle, which is correct. Pulling the handle in wrong direction would lead to malfunction. Train to use your chute on the ground to be able to do it in the air correctly.

If you feel that after watching these videos you still have difficulties in chute deployment on the ground we suggest you to proceed as written below.

- order a special chute container from Aeros which is specially designed for Viper S harness. Name your chute size (dimensions when packed) and model upon ordering.


-order a new Viper S skin on discounted price with bigger size in hips area.