Safety bulletin N17 from 04/08/2014

Attention of hang glider pilots, especially pilots flying Aeros Combat and Discus hang gliders with Litestream control frame.

We have become aware of a bottom rear cable bridle broken on a Discus C glider. Luckily, the cable failed on the ground. The Discus C in question is over 7 years old and during this period the owner did not replace or even check the cables, as required. The pictures below show the cable failure

Thus, we would like to draw your attention to the need to comply with all the requirements of the glider manual as regards glider maintenance, and especially with the requirement to check and replace the glider cables. Bottom side cables are to be replaced annually. All the cables are subject to immediate replacement in case of even a single strand broken or otherwise damaged.

Dear pilots, please, remember that safety is everyoneís business! Your hang gliders and other equipment you use for flying, as any other equipment you entrust your life to, needs to be checked regularly.

Cables that support the gliderís airframe are critical components of the gliderís structure and must be maintained in an air worthy condition. No significant loss in cable strength can be tolerated.

Special attention should be paid to the bottom rear cable bridle on Combat and Discus gliders with Litestream control frame. In hang gliders with this type of control frame the bottom rear cable bridle has a tendency to bend at de-rigging, thus the danger of damage to the cable increases.

A cable with even a single broken strand must be replaced before the glider is flown again. In case you detect a broken strand or any other damage to the cable, contact your local Aeros dealer about the cable replacement before the next flight.