Discus T

The Discus T wing is designed especially for nanolight trikes, using a Discus hang glider as a base.

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The Discus T comes in two sizes: Discus 14T and Discus 15T.

There are several points differ the Discus T from conventional Discus, the main are: reinforced frame, control bar shifted backwards, trike attachment bracket.

Handling the Discus T in the air is as easy as a normal hangglider.

With Discus T you have the freedom to carry your own launch mechanism in the back of your car, to take off almost anywhere, to thermal and fly in comfort and silence when you want and to explore new locations beyond the reach of the tow or mountain launch pilot.

Or, if you wish, use the engine to tour or to just get in the air. As an example, the Dragonfly trike with Discus 15T wing with a cruising speed burn as little as 2.5 litres per hour of fuel, offers incredible fun for minimal cost - you can fly it under power for over 3 hours and use less fuel than a drive to the tow park and a single tow with a tug.

Technical data

Discus T



Sail area, sq.m. (sq.ft.)

13.7 (147)

14.7 (158)

Wing span, m (ft.)

10.0 (33)

10.3 (34)

Aspect ratio



Nose angle, °



Weight (without bags), kg (lb)

33 (73)

35 (77)

Number of upper sail battens



Number of bottom sail battens



Breakdown length, m (ft)

5.1/4.1 (16.7/13.4)

5.2/4.2 (17/13.8)

Tested load, G



Wind speed max, m/sec (mph)

12 (27)

12 (27)

Min. airspeed*, km/h (mph)

37 (23)

37 (23)

Max. airspeed*, km/h (mph)

80 (50)

80 (50)

Min. clip-in weight, kg (lb)

105 (231)

105 (231)

Max. clip-in weight, kg (lb)

155 (341)/170 (375)**

155 (341)/170 (375)**

* Airspeed measured with the Aeros' AnT nano-trike
** Valid for the wings, manufactured since 1st of Jan. 2014


On the 23th of December 2013 load tests for T-wings (Fox 16T, Discus 15T and Combat 12T) and nano-trike ANT has been successfully completed.

We have to note, that wasn't the first series of load tests. Wings Fox 16T and Discus 15T were successfully tested for the first time a few years ago. And based on the results of those tests Aeros set the maximal clip-in weight up to 155 kg.

The main goals of the current tests are:

initial testing of the Combat 12T wing finding ways to increase the max. clip-in weight for the wings Fox 16T and Discus 15T obtaining DULV's certificates for the nano-trike ANT with every model of the T-wing A few minor changes in a wings' design allowed us to increase max. clip-in weight to 168 kg for the Fox 16T, 170 kg for the Discus 15T and 178 kg for the Combat 12T.

So, all T-wings manufactured before the date mentioned above have to be run with max. clip-in weight not exceeding 155 kg. And all the new T-wings may bear load as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

For owners of the "up to 155 kg" T-wings Aeros is ready to offer an upgrade kit, if needed.

The nano-trike ANT has successfully passed about 20 different tests.





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