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The first wings of the Stranger line took off as far back as in 1991. They have become an original AEROS' calling card. During the 15 years an extensive experience of operation in all the corners of the Earth in various environmental conditions has been gained with these wings. Due to its performance Stranger and the further modification Stranger 2 remain bestsellers among the trike wings.

Stranger is one of the first wings produced in the CIS, which has passed a complete cycle of load and aerodynamic tests in the course of the certification at DULV, Germany, in 1995.

Stranger 2 wing is a modification of a Stranger wing, in which a long-term experience of operation has been taken into consideration. Flight performance of these wings has almost no differences, while design and sail color scheme are different. The Stranger 2 modification includes streamlined downtubes.

Stranger2 wing has a wide speed range and good controllability in all flight modes.

Launch is easy - before the wing acquires launch speed, the effort on the control bar prevents early lift-off. After launching the wing smoothly acquires cruising speed 75-85 km/h (depending on the balance).

Pitch effort is acceptable at all speed range. Provided proper balance, considerable pitch effort is felt at the speed exceeding 100 km/h and at approaching stall speed (~ 55-52 km/h).

Stall is smooth, first the wing "slumps", then drops the nose and starts picking up speed, if the pilot releases the control bar. The wing doesn't tend to side-slip at stall.
It is easily controllable, especially at coordinated control (pitch-roll). If the pilot used to fly with "stiff" wings before, it is recommended to start active maneuvering step-by-step, after being accustomed to the Stranger's behaviour at smoother control.

Stranger with trike ANTARES
Despite good controllability, the wing is stable at turns (neither sliding, nor accelerating) and easily keeps on course at turbulent flights. Landing approach resembles that of an aircraft. Descending, even if the control bar is slightly pulled-in, Stranger easily picks up speed and for a relatively long time can fly using ground effect. At landing, even in strong surface turbulence, the wing has no problems in keeping on course and remaining wieldly untill touching the ground.
    Stranger 2M - The best version of STRANGER

  • Leading Edge -170 Color MT
  • Downtubes - PROFILE
  • Hang block - STANDART 2
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