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Concept of the Still-17 wing is as follows: at any weather the pilot should feel like flying in calm! It seems we did it...

The wing's distinctions:
  • Simple design with open floating cross-bar
  • Extraordinary manoeuvrability.
  • An unusually wide speed range for this design of a wing, from 50 to 100 km/h.

Still-17 has a wide speed range (see table below). Controllability of this wing will satisfy demands of the most whimsical pilot. It is extremely responsive to control efforts. Roll efforts are low, both for entering and exiting the turn. Launch is easy, after the lift-off it is recommended to pull-in slightly, especially if you use a powerful engine or in a single-seater variant. After launching the wing is balanced at cruising speed of 70-75 km/h. The wing can be balanced at lower speed, but in that case it is more roll-sensible and at rough control an inexperienced pilot can have a few nasty moments. Pitch efforts in all speed range (from 50 to 100 km/h) are morderate, but with right gradient. Stall is smooth, which is, as a rule, unobtainable in most trikes with classical layout. In near-stall mode Still-17 continues steady flight and its nose sinks only after release of the control bar, after which the wing gains lost speed practically without any dive. The wing has excellent controllability at coordinated control (pitch-roll) and even at not coordinated one (roll only). The wing is stable at turns. Bumpiness at turbulent flights is easily counteracted. Still - 17 is an ideal wing for maneuvering flights at low altitude, the pilot has control over the situation at every flight stage. Landing approach is classical. The line of descent can be corrected easily. Even at weak wind the wing allows to hit the spot.

Still-17 can be recommended for flights that require a combination of good weight-lifting capability and good maneuvrability, for example, in agricultural applications or for delivering of loads/passengers to an unequipped site. And with a single-seater version you'll just enjoy an obedient wing!

As a rule, when making a wing, we consider the client's wish as regards choice of colours.

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