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PROFI - Wing for Professionals
New Aeros's wing for trikes is called Profi, and that's not without reason. The wing has wide speed range, from 45 to 130 km/h, and maximum speed is achieved without great physical efforts required from the pilot. The wing has also extremely easy roll handling, with efforts comparable with usual competition hang gliders. It is this "easiness" in handling that causes certain problems for pilots with little experience and for pilots having experience of flights with "stiff" trikes. Nevertheless, with hands off Profi is stable in flight, turbulence can be balanced without extra effort.

One feels easiness of the wing's handling from the very first seconds, and just on this stage good co-ordination and effort balance is required from the pilot.

Profi is soft at turn, responsive to pitch change. A range of modes at turn is quite wide.

Changing roll direction requires minimum time and effort, the main thing is not to overdo it! One can speak about the flight with Profi in turbulent weather as comfortable - the wing sticks to course well and doesn't require big effort for controlling the roll.

Descent mode allows to achieve with a two-seater trike descent speed up to 8 - 10 m/s. The wing behaves well at landing, one feels a considerable "screen effect" which should be accounted for at landing approach.

You may say, "That's a real flying fancy," and you'll be absolutely right. Here it is, Aeros's fancy, Profi by the name. Strangely, after some flights with it you will love it forever and will never want to fly any other wing!

Profi in fly Profi: rear edge Profi - winter design
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