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The Aeros PROFI TL - another step forward!

The Profi TL, our topless flex wing for microlights, is capable of an incredible range of speeds and the sweetest handling. Very strong streamline struts replace the usual kingpost, reducing the drag and providing better performance. The 14.5m2 sail provides the optimum wing area. It is designed and cut to give good stall characteristics, easy handling in rough air and serious 472,5kg load-bearing capacity. The sail material is plain and strong NCV cloth with UV protection.

Optionally provided with light profiled carbon leading edge inserts.

This topless wing will enable you to perform long distance flights at average ground speeds in excess of 100kph. The maximum speed with Aeros 2 trike unit and Rotax 912 is 140 kph in horizontal flight. The electromechanic trim device will enable you to maintain the cruising speed easily. Flying fast is easy and not at all tiring, with pleasant acceptable bar pressure.

You will get an absolute enjoyment from flying. Test it now at your nearest dealer!

Now you can roll the trike with wing in the most microlight hangars.
If necessary you can store the microlight in a hanger in way when the wing fixed to the pylon and rolled:
You will keep the wing clean by assembling it upright like free flight hangglider, not on the dirty surface.

The Profi TL wing in a base version comes with the winglets.

The winglets refine longitudinal stability that is especially noticeable in straight flights at high speeds. The Profi TL with winglets is more stable in spirals, as sliding reduces. The winglets enable to perform well-defined turns and changing of bank angle. Though one may argue that winglets stability makes turns a bit harder, it doesn't affect neither stall characteristics nor wing performance at the maximum flight speed. The maximum flight speed with the winglets increase, the wing equipped with the winglets flies 5-10km/h faster.

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