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SkyRanger is a two-seater strutted high-wing monoplane with an enclosed-type cockpit and non-retractable undercarriage with a nose landing gear.

The straight two-spar wing consists of two half-wings.

The wing's sail made of Dacron polyester cloth has inner batten pockets. Since 2005 the X-LAM sail is also available. The profiled upper battens are made of D16T aluminum alloy. The lower battens are straight.

The plane's truss-braced fuselage is made of D16T tubes. The tubes are connected by means of plates and bolts. At the fuselage rear the tail planes including fin, stabilizer, elevator and rudder are fixed. Structurally all of them consist of a load-carrying spar with wing junctions, a leading edge and a trailing edge (the keel) and rib rods mounted on it. The wing-skin is stretched by means of lacing.

The front part of the truss fuselage forms the cockpit. Engine mount is installed on the diagonal tubes. Cowlings are made of glass fiber. On the lower frame of the front fuselage a beam with control system pedals, a front wheel and a rudder, as well as a beam to which the pilots' seats are attached are installed. The seats are positioned in line. On the diagonal tubes the pitch and roll control system is mounted.

The aircraft's performance and instruments allow performing visual flights in the daytime in easy weather conditions. The gear design allows the plane operation on the airfields with either concrete or unpaved runways.

The wheels of the main landing gear are equipped with hydraulic brakes. The front landing gear is steerable.

A quick-deployment rescue system for recovery of an airplane with less than 500 kg weight can be installed.

On the plane, a fast-acting parachute safe system for aircrafts mass less then 500 kg can be installed. The system is aimed for the rescue of the crew along with the plane in case of an emergency situation in flight.

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Моторама с двигателем Rotax 912

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