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Where "Skyranger" fly's
SkyRanger airplane kit
  • aluminum and steel airframe tubes, connective elements and joints, control system and basic structure wiring
  • assembled and covered fin, stabilizer, elevators, rudders, ailerons and flaps
  • seat, wings and fuselage covering
  • three wheels, brakes, engine cowling, fuel tank
  • cockpit and door windows
  • documentation
  • Modifications
      Basic version - V.max - with taildragger layout
      KIT version - V.fan - without taildragger layout
      KIT version - V.fan-classic - with tail wheel (option, not certificated)
    Covering versions
      Dacron cloth 170 g/sq.m.
      X-Lam film composite material 180 g/sq.m.
    Additional KIT options
      Parts for conversion to aircraft with a tail wheel (V-fan only)
      One-person wing attachment system
    Attention! The KIT is delivered without electric cable
    Additional options ordered with the plane
    Set of flight instruments
    (speed indicator, variometer, altimeter, compass)
    Set of engine control instruments
    The instruments are installed when the plane is being assembled
  • Rotax 582 C
  • Rotax 582 E (64 hp)
  • Rotax 912 UL (80 hp)
  • Rotax 912 A (80 hp) certificated by JAR-22
  • Rotax 912 S (100 hp)certificated by FAR-33
  • Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp)
  • Jabiru
  • MVEN rescue system (Kazan)
    Three-blade plastic propeller Rotax-582
  • Kievprop

  • Aerolux
  • Four-blade and five-blade propellers for Rotax 912
  • Aerolux (4-blade)

  • Kievprop (5-blade)

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