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In addition to the NEW features listed below, the Vitamin is a real paraglider for beginners and weekend pilots.

Due to long brake travel and helps beginners to sense the canopy. Newly designed and carefully tuned accelerator allows both to rich righ enough speed and to preserve necessary stability.

Smooth and gentle during take off and doale in flight Vitamin will be pleasant also for paramotor admires.
I flew the Vitamin about 6 different days. I think it is an excellent wing for PPG. I had a student solo on it to see how an inexperience pilot would do. He did well and liked it over the Apco Prima he had done all his ground handling on. It took him a few pull ups to get used to the faster reaction rate, but then I started the motor and he was gone first try!
Here are some preliminary thoughts after 3 short flights. 40minutes total.
I was flying my SD48 with the old solid J bars.
Wind: 0-3km
+2* Celsius.
Paraglider risers.

Forward inflation easy, quick and solid. No tuck or surge. Hangs for a second if you donít get moving. Drops back quick when it does stall after pull up. Interesting line configuration, Ds and Cs together at uppers.

Stable and easy to control during take off run. Good maneuverability and brake feel. Very stable in this thick air.

I did a spiral and was surprised how quick it locked in. Exited with opposite brake easily and then with no other input it leveled out good
I did a bunch of touch and goes and 3 power out landings. Good control and characteristics when skiing & touch and go. The no wind and light wind landings were quick. This may be a concern in warm thin air.
I will put the motor risers on tonight and see if it flares any better at full speed in light winds.
So far I like this wing for Powered Paragliding.
Wayne Mitchler
SKY-BIKER Aviation Inc.
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