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Fuego - flying of the flame.

Aeros Fuego - successful version of our vision of modern paraglide for XC flights, built on the compromise of reasonable safety and high flying characteristics.

Aeros Fuego is a deserving replacement of Aeros Select - our previous wing for thermal flying.

Aeros Fuego intended for a wide group of pilots with growing abilities, who perfects themselves in a Cross Country flights and need a reliable guide into an exciting world of flying.


Aeros Fuego successfully passed flight and load tests in a new European Certification EN.
Aeros Fuego 27 and Aeros Fuego 29 obtained class EN "C" according to EN 926-2:
- Aeros Fuego 27 min weight - 19A /1B/3C, max weight - 18A /2B /3C;
- Aeros Fuego 29 min weight - 21A /1B /1C, max weight -18A /3B /2C.

Fuego also passed structural (static) and shock load tests by EN 926-1.


Our approach to the design of Fuego was based on the principles that were tested during creation of AEROS Concept and AEROS Amigo.
For the base of plan and form of AEROS Fuego was taken the look from the plans of AEROS Concept and of AEROS Amigo. It was the most appropriate to our conception of the canopy for the Cross Country flights.
Particulars of design:
- Flat aspect ratio was essentially grown up compare to the lengthening of predecessor AEROS Select;
- width of panels was optimizing to span ;
- light, impetuous, easy recognizing silhouette;
- valves on the wingtips for cleaning the canopy within from the snow, sand

Constructions in details >>

Set of supply

- canopy;
- comfortable big (volume 230l), roomy rucksack;
- light packing safety sack;
- user manual , set of documents;
- sack-case for V-Line;
- compression tape;
- repair set .


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