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AnT - Setup procedure. Brief photoreview.

1. Open the door.

2. Get out two bags and propeller.

3. Firstly, the trike.

4. Unzip the bag.

5. Fix the rear wheel.

6. Now - from the other side...

7. Get engine out of its bag.

8. Mount it on the trike.

9. Fix engine by two bolts: upper one...

10. ... then - lower one.

11. Mount the control panel.

12. Attach the pylon.

13. Mount the propeller.

14. Have a short break.

15. Tight the bolts.

16. Admire the control panel.

17. Put the wing in front of the trike.

18. Connect to the pylon.

19. Fix by the main bolt.

20. Put on the protective cover.

21. Raise the wing.

22. Fix the pylon by second bolt.

23. Ready to fly!
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