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Combat L
We getting letters from many pilots all over the world with thanks for the glider.
Rich Lovelace writes:

What a machine!!

I flew mine in the Worlds (my first Class 1 comp.) this year and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Why? Well, where do I begin?

Easy to rig
Easy to land
Easy to fly
Light handling

I would say this is an almost perfect package. For me anyway.
Flying with "THE MAN" (Oleg) on the first day at Deni was a good measure on how a completely stock glider flew (maybe a tweak on the sprogs). We flew the last 30 - 40km of the task together with almost no difference in glide and climb. (Shame it didn't last.) Not that many can keep up with a machine!!
I have found that the Combat will out climb a lot of gliders, and if on a hill, I tend to be above most. Which I have to admit has been unusual for me in the past!!
In the UK (and maybe elsewhere), some people tell me Aeros gliders are "agricultural", "you get what you pay for", "they don't land good", "you're a skin flint to buy one of them"! To be honest, the people I know who have said this to me usually have interests in other manufacturers;-) Fair enough.
Now, I know that when the KPL and Combat 1 gliders were around, if you didn't get your approach and VG settings right they were a little difficult to land, a little yawy and things like that stick in peoples' minds. When the Combat 2 arrived, all that was difficult with the Combat had been sorted out, apart from the white batten ends. What a pain, but thankfully replaced by flip tips.
So, what I am trying to say is "don't knock it till you've tried it." The Combat has to be the one of the most (if not the most) affordable high performance flex wings in the world! The sail cut and build is second to none!! No, it doesn't have the fancy engraved plates and anodized everything but do you need 'em? It's still built superbly! Although some like to have a little bling;-) So if you were wondering? No I'm not a dealer and I don't make a living out of hang gliding. I just love what Aeros make.
Well-done Oleg on your world championship victory. One of the nicest and modest guys in the sport. I think that is something we can all agree on.
I would also like to thank Moyes on behalf of the poms for letting us use their facilities to store gliders before we flew back home and pack them up. This was very kind and very, very much appreciated by us all. Aeros Combat Stealth. Did anyone see it coming? Because its here!!

Combat L
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