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Sailplain AL-12,AL-12M
COMBAT L - author's photos
  Combat L07 - photos from Kjell Keogh
  Combat L07 - photos from Tirol ( Austria)

I am a Combat 13 L pilot and i love this glider. here i want to send you a photo from a xc flight over the Riffler glacier in Tirol (Austria). I flow with the combat 2 230 flying hours and with the combat 13L 180 flying hours. My farest flight was a triangle with 212km. I find you have designed a perfect glider.

Lukas Juen

  Combat LO7 - photos from Gary Wirdnam(United Kingdom)
  Combat news
19 January, Kitzbuehel, HAHNENKAMM DOWNHILL RACE, forty five thousands spectators, the finish gate of 14m wide and 3,20m high, the speed 110 km/h Joseph Salvenmoser on his Aeros Combat L 12

  Flying over the Rio de Janeiro, by Nader Couri (Brazil)
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