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Wings for nanolight trikes
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Sailplain AL-12,AL-12M
We are pleased to greet you in our photo gallery!
  Aeros nano-Trike - AnT - has arrived. First flight 12.04.2012.

General view.
Rigged but not tested yet.

Rear view.
The new engine is always good looking.

Front wheel.
Brakes, throttle, ground steering.

Lateral desk.
Minimalizm is our motto.

Sergei Semenov:
I like it!

Ground dreams:
Let me fly a bit more!

Ground test run.
Right hand controls ignition.

Lateral desk.
Pilot-side view.

Sergei Drobyshev:
It's a beast but not machine!

First take off.
The moment of truth.

Turn looks...
like a turn!

Upward view... can't
say it's the best view.

Retracted undercarriage.
First time.

Retracted undercarriage.
Don't forget to release it before landing!

Touch down!
Seems everything is okay!

Folded trike.
General view.

Folded trike.
Front view.

Folded trike.
Side view.

Folded trike.
Rear view.

General view

Release handle and safety pin

Pneumo charge side

Chute release side
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