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We are pleased to greet you in our photo gallery!
  Flying Aeros Combat GT 13.5 over Interlaken.

"Hello! My name is Simon Eymann (Simu) from Interlaken and I fly Aeros since years ago and I'm so happy with my gt 13.5! This glider is the number one 13.5 gt serie!"

easy great handling, above lake thun interlaken

sweet home interlaken!!

long ground effect!
  Flying Aeros Target 21 (tandem) over Fiesch, Eggishorn...

"A few pics with my Target 21 tandem above Fiesch, Eggishorn. I'm also happy with this taxi-glider. I changed a few things and know the handling is almost like my aeros 13.5, also the speed is much better!"

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