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Sailplane ��-21
Technical data
Sailplane AL-12 & AL12M
About flying
Ultralight sailplane AL-12

Currently among the proponents of soaring flight there is more and more discussion of the idea of a sailplane that could have some of the positive features of hang gliders and rigid wing gliders.

The possibility of soaring flight while using narrow thermals and "microlift", to takeoff from hang gliding sites, and to have the simplicity of quick rigging and ease of transportation as well as low cost of the aircraft is something that many soaring pilots have stated a desire for.

At the same time it is desirable for this aircraft to have great aerodynamic performance - especially with it's glide ratio, wonderful controllability, good stall and spin characteristics, as well as provide for a higher comfort during flight, which should enable longer soaring flights without tiring as quickly.

The NEW sailplane offered by Aeros is produced according to a classical diagram. The glider takes off by way of air towing or winch towing. The sailplane's design allows mounting the retractable launcher for autonomous takeoff and climb. A comfortable cockpit is equipped with adjustable pedals and seat back that can be adjusted to the pilot's height up to 195 cm. There is a space for a backpack parachute. The sailplane can come complete with an optional rescue system.

For transportation purposes all control and stabilizing surfaces are removed, the cabin is detached, the wing with the tail beam is put into a package 0,2 0,58 5,7 m. The 0,6 0,86 3 m cockpit can be transported either as a whole assembly or in parts (cockpit, fuselage spine fairing, cockpit enclosure). For rigging the sailplane you will need around 40 minutes.

In flying
AL12M -Powered version ultralight sailplane

On October, 8, 2005 the first flight of a powered sailplane AL-12M with a retractable power-unit took place. The sailplane was piloted by its chief design engineer and the Aerola company top-pilot Nikolay Kononenko. The AL-12M has been brought to the take-off field on a car roof rack. Within an hour and a half the sailplane was rigged up and prepared for tests.

A flying tests program started with taxiing and trial take-off. The power-unit based on Solo-210 engine (16 horse-power) provides for self-taxiing on a field, take-off and acceptable climb rate.

During the first day six flights have been performed. The sailplane demonstrated excellent stability and controllability. Also in the air the engine stop and restart as well as the propeller centering have been checked. The power-unit was fixed in a released position. An in-flight retraction and extension of the power-unit will soon be tested.

T E C H N I C A L   D A T A
Empty weight
80 kg
120 kg
Max takeoff weight
185 kg
220 kg
Wing span
13,3 m
13,3 m
Sail area
13 m2
13 m2
Pilot weight
60-110 kg
60-100 kg
Stall speed
34-40 km/h
39-45 km/h
Max airspeed
140 km/h
140 km/h
Best glide ratio
27 (at 60 km/h)
27 (at 65 km/h)
Min. sink rate
0,5-0,6 m/s (at 45 km/h)
0,7-0,8 m/s (at 45 km/h)
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